The aims of the association

The aim of our association is to promote and develop the St James way to Santiago de Compostela to make it better known and to help and advise the pilgrims. In 1987, The Conseil de l'Europe initiated its programme St James route, as one of its European cultural itineraries whose essential values are tolerance, respect of others, freedom and solidarity.

Our association objectives are:

- To advise and facilitate the preparation and the good progress of the  pilgrims during their journey on the road of St James.

- To plan in the Franche-Comté the route of St James in cooperation with the European itineraries.

- To establish an inventory of the St James pilgrimage inheritance in the region; to develop and encourage contacts with all researchers in this field.
- To tie and maintain relationships with French and foreign associations pursuing the same goals.

The completion of such a path is a long term project. The present situation
could not have been achieved without the effort of the volunteer of the
 AF-CCC, our association and also the backing of our partners of the Hiking clubs, the communities and townships, the Conseils Généraux, and the FFR (Fédération Française de Randonnée).

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